What to do at your real estate client appreciation events

If you've been trying to figure out what you can do at your client appreciation events, this is it.  It's called Human Bingo.  Here is how Human Bingo works & why it's so amazing to do at your company events.

So what really is Human Bingo?

Human Bingo, known also as the "Autograph Game" or "Did You Know?" Bingo,  It's an icebreaker game that will help your customers get to know each other and actually learn interesting facts about each other.  The idea is that people would walk around the room and find people that match the facts that are listed on a Bingo-style sheet.

So questions like:  Find people that are from Spain, people who's favorite color is red. rides a motorcycle etc.

What's also pretty cool is that you can also involve your vendors in the game if you have vendors at your events.  You can have your clients go to the vendors to find some information about them.  This gives them a chance for your clients to meet your Mortgage agents,  Inpectors etc.