How to target downsizers & get downsizing leads.

Here is a sure way of getting listings from downsizers.  


1.  Facebook Reach Ad - 3 to 5 minute video titled:  Here are 3 things you MUST know about downsizing before you do it.

This needs to be a very informative video that provides very valuable information about downsizing.  No call to action is needed inside of this video, in fact, it's suggested that you don't place any call to actions.  You need to do a reach campaign on Facebook as it's going to be the least expensive.  The idea is that you will advertise this video to your market for about two to three months with a minimum of $1000/mo.  We are trying to get as many people to watch the majority of the video during that time.

2.  Create an ad targeting people who watched at least 90% of the video.

Your second step is to set up an ad targeting those in that audience that watched that video.  Think about it, anyone who sat through a 3 to 5 minute video is most likely looking to downsize.   This ad is usually something like (3 Best Areas in *Your Area" for Downsizers) - E-Book download or (Best Downsizing Properties in "Your Area") - Automate sending some properties in the top downsizing areas.  You will basically be ably to get information for that list.

Lastly, create an ad about how you are an expert in downsizing and why someone who is looking to downsize should contact you.