Cold Prospecting with Follow Up Boss

There are several options when it comes to cold prospecting with FUB.  You may be looking into these options because of the spam risk problems you are encountering with your FUB or are looking to prevent that from happening.

Also, before you look at the best solution, we have a link to the FUB community group on Facebook, if you aren't a member of that yet you should be.

The best solution:

First thing is first.  You can not go into cold prospecting with the thought you will not get your numbers marked as spam eventually.

What this means is you will need a solution that first gives you access to lots of local phone numbers. 

Second, gives you the ability to rotate your numbers every week or so, or at the very least, when you notice your number is marked as spam, so that you can get a new number easily.

So, the best solution for that is to use Twilio.  Twilio will have tons of local #'s for you to pick from, they are the biggest programmable voice & SMS provider on the market today.

Now, you can't just connect Twilio to your FUB, you need a CRM system that works with FUB & allows you to use your own Twillio account inside of their system.  That solution is "AgentLocator".   

AL solution is the best for a few reasons:

  1.  Pricing - $179/mo
  2.  Comes with a full blown CRM system that has SMS/VOIP calling & Mass texting.
  3.  Comes with a lead generation website & a lot more.
  4.  Allows you to integrate your own Twilio and makes it easy to have a few numbers on rotation as you can have up to 5 user accounts with the $179/mo so you can add multiple numbers to dial with.