Brokerage solution for lead generation

The cost

Here is the cost breakdown to use AgentLocator as your solution for real estate lead generation for your office.

Package Deal $399/mo ($199 Setup fee)
CRM Accounts:
It includes a main brokerage CRM account + up to 10 additional CRM accounts for team members.
Includes 1 Branded + 1 Lead Gen website for the brokerage.

+ 10 sub domain websites, one website for each agent.
Additional Cost Per Account:
$15/mo/account after the 10 are used.
Google/Bing/Yahoo Ad Spend:
We will manage up to $2500/mo in Search Engine Ad Spend in this fee.  

Once you go over $2500, it's billed at 20% of ad spend above $2500/mo.
Facebook Ad Spend:
Includes us running up to 2 simultaneous campaigns.  No limit on ad spend.

This package will give you the ability to have 11 people on the system.  1 Main CRM account + 10 additional agents.  They will each have their own login and you will be able to assign leads to each of them and they would only see the leads that they are assigned to.

How Assigning Leads to Agents Works

You can choose to assign the leads first to an ISA and then have that ISA assign leads manually to your agents.  Or, alternatively you can auto assign leads to your agents based on a round robin policy or a weighted round robin policy.  You also have the ability to specify specific price point policies.

What that really means is, let's say you have some agents who deal with multi million dollar luxury properties and you want to make sure if a lead comes in that's looking at multi million dollar homes, they can be segmented into their own round robin policy.

Or if it's a weighted round robin, you could have one agent getting 50% of the leads while the other two get 25% each.

Features Agents Have/Need to Make Lead Gen Work

What agents need to be successful with online leads is all included in this package.  With one exception.  For you to be able to send SMS messages and make calls to leads right inside of the CRM system, you will need a Twilio number.  

There is no extra cost with AgentLocator to have your own Twilio #, you will have an extra cost with Twilio.  The cost to get 1 phone number with Twilio is $1.15 CAD or about $1 USD per month.  The cost to use their SMS service is billed on a usage basis.  SMS is one of those core features that you SHOULD get for every agent.  Many times the speed to lead is important and the AgentLocator platform gives you the ability to create automated SMS/Email qualification campaigns to help qualify the leads so you should get it.

The cost of SMS messages is really inexpensive as well.  As an average, if you were to generate about 100 leads per month between the agents you should spend about $15/mo in SMS costs with Twilio.

Automated listings, tracking of what's happening who's opening looking at listings, how many photos they are looking at, everything is built in to make sure you have the information you need to stay in the know about what their wants/desires are.

Mobile app both CRM & Home searching app, fully integrated into the whole experience so that it's seamless to the agent and the leads.  Everything the leads do on the home searching mobile app is also tracked and you can see it all in the CRM both on Mobile CRM & Web CRM.

Our lead buckets make it easy for you to create lead qualification pools.

We've even created a step by step 7 hour guide about converting online leads that you can have each of your agents go through.  The training guide is completely free, we've received some raving reviews about our training guide from experts that have been in the online lead generation field for years.