AgentLocator vs CINC

There are two huge differences between CINC and AgentLocator.

First, if you have a team and need to have reporting on those team members that are using the system, do yourself a favor and get CINC.  They have some of the best reporting available for team leads to understand how well their agents are using the system and it helps keep them accountable.

Second is the price.  The AgentLocator platform is a much more affordable system.   The AgentLocator platform costs $179/mo for the complete solution.  The CINC platform even on the single agent level starts at $500/mo.

If you are a single agent I would 100% get a demo from both of the companies and make a decision for yourself.  I have no idea why you would pick to go with CINC over AgentLocator as a single agent as you get all the features that CINC has.  Everything you will ever need for lead generation with all the bells and whistles that CINC has including a Mobile CRM app & a Home Browsing app for your leads.