Let's start with something you should absolutely not do with your Mojo account.

If you are planning on cold prospecting using the Mojo dialer you should "NOT" connect your cell phone or office # to their dialer.

What do I mean by this?

For the actual "Display" number that shows to the people you are calling.  Mojo offers you two options:

  1. Connect your phone number to display.
    While the idea of this is great if you were calling warm prospects and people that know you as they will see that it's you calling.

    The issue arises when you are cold prospecting. We've seen numerous complaints on real estate groups saying things like: "My follow up boss number is showing as spam". To the more horror stories like the number I've been using for 20 years is showing as Spam Risk when I call my clients.

    The main reason this happens is when you are using your main number to prospect leads.  You should never be connecting your cell number or a number to call your SOI with.

  2.   Buy a number from Mojo
    You can also buy a number from Mojo for $5/mo, they have a limited # of numbers you can use in some areas and sometimes that is a challenge.

Outside of that, here is how Mojo actually works:

You have two options, a single line dialer or a triple line dialer.  Both of these will use whatever display # you connect above.

The way the single line dialer works is that it calls one lead at a time.  It has the ability to auto dial until someone picks up which is great, you don't have to be manually pressing buttons to dial.

The triple line dialer will dial 3 leads at a time.  So let's say Lead A, Lead B & Lead C.  All 3 are ringing at the same time.  Let's say Lead B picks up first, the system will drop the other two calls and let you speak with Lead B.  The next time it dials 3 leads, it will include Lead A, Lead C & add one more lead into the mix.  This way you are actually double or triple dialing one lead as you make your calls.