If you've been trying to figure out what you can do at your client appreciation events, this is it.  It's called Human Bingo.  Here is how Human Bingo works & why it's so amazing to do at your company events.

So what really is Human Bingo?

Human Bingo, known also as the "Autograph Game" or "Did You Know?" Bingo,  It's an icebreaker game that will help your customers get to know each other and actually learn interesting facts about each other.  The idea is that people would walk around the room and find people that match the facts that are listed on a Bingo-style sheet.

So questions like:  Find people that are from Spain, people who's favorite color is red. rides a motorcycle etc.

What's also pretty cool is that you can also involve your vendors in the game if you have vendors at your events.  You can have your clients go to the vendors to find some information about them.  This gives them a chance for your clients to meet your Mortgage agents,  Inpectors etc.


Make the system automatically pull the leads from agents if they don’t do what’s required of them to do. 

When it comes to online lead generation & conversion there was one thing that everyone agreed on.  The agreement was that a lot of agents on their teams aren't doing what's supposed to be done with their leads.  So, in an effort to battle that, they said the best thing you can do is come up with what the agents are suppose to be doing and built it into your system to automatically transfer those leads from that agent to a new one or a lead pond where anyone can take that lead.

Agents, have them only do high-intent things. The rest would all go to ISA’s.  

Another panelist said, the way they work is that they have ISA's do everything that's lead based and only have the agents do high-intent work. They didn't get into detail as to what high-intent items really were but in another part of the conversation he said that an agent would only work and talk to the lead if they are 60 to 90 days away from buying a home.

23 to 26 outbound touches to get a response. 

During the panel discussion, two of them said that it would take 23 touches and the other said 26 touches to get a new lead to respond.  They didn't say if touches were calls or if there were a mix of calls, SMS messages and emails.

How to find what's falling through the cracks & what to automate.

Go through your agents leads at random,check the emails, SMS messages, stage and look for things that are being missed in the process and see if there is anything you can do to automate a part of that process for the agents.  This will also show you if there are things falling through the cracks.

Build trust with your marketing.

Every piece of branded marketing you are doing should be to build trust.  

When you try to target everyone, you will get no one.

You will do much better if you are creating a targeted marketing campaign rather than trying to target everyone.  For example, create a campaign targeting downsizes, this wasn't talked about at FUBCon but I thought I would add it in here.  

Your future is in your past. Call your old leads.

This is a great tag line and it's something that agents forget to do.  Create a process to work your old leads.

Google yourself,  check what others are seeing.

The panelist made a great point, he said people are Googling the Taco's they are buying, you better know they are Googling you.  Check if you are telling the story you want them to hear, your Google, LinkedIn, Facebook profile need to look great.

How do you work with a lead that has an agent?

Tell them great, I'm happy you have the agent, you can absolutely keep browsing on my website, if I can help in any way please let me know.  Then in 30 days have an email go out asking them how everything is going with their real estate agent.